Gifts: Sand Jars and S’mores

So, not to seem like I’m weirdly obsessed with s’mores (I might be, but I think it’s because I live in the city where they’re harder to come by!), here’s a great gift idea that serves double duty – long after it’s delicious contents have gone.

This part may be a little bit suspect to some of you, but living in downtown Chicago means that I sometimes find fun gifts in unsuspecting places. I got these jars from CVS (yep – the pharmacy) and conveniently, I was also able to fill them up in the same spot.


The kit came with sand and tea light candles to use as in the second photo below. I chose to stock each jar with s’mores ingredients, as it was a hostess gift for a summer barbecue, and then included the alternative fillers (sand, candles, additional s’mores supplies) in the gift bag. Fun AND functional. The sand and tea lights make for great outdoor centerpieces or add a little relaxing vibe to your home.

You could DIY this with some empty pasta jars, mason jars or any other type of glass jar and any kind of treat. How would you fill yours? What do you think of this idea?  Let me know in the comments or tweet me @mandyresh


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