Treats and Treasures

Hey there!

I’m taking Little Wonders in a new direction and I hope you are along for the ride. I’ve been thinking for a long time about what ‘little wonders’ really means to me – and it may sound obvious, but it’s all of the little things that make life wonderful. In 2011 when this little project started, I was hoping to hop on the fashion blogging bandwagon, but it wasn’t feeling right. I was looking for my hook, my edge, and I think I have finally found it.

From now on, you can come to Little Wonders and expect to find a few different things:

  • Treats: baked goods, recipes and other goodies
  • Treasures: memories, miscellaneous finds and places
  • Gifts: carefully curated ideas for unique gift-giving
  • Gestures: housewarming, cards, ways to #treatyourself, etc.

Keep an eye out as I have some posts coming that are not only easy, but fun and sometimes even delicious! Follow along and let me know what you think.

– Amanda

All that glitters

It’s been a while, but I figured this warranted a new post! I am starting a new job, so I have decided to redesign my workspace to fit the sophisticated culture of my new business, but still show some of my personality.

Pinterest, as ever, has given me unrealistic expectations for life by making me want something I can’t have. I’m sure you’ve seen the gold polka dot mouse pad and several DIY gold accessories tutorials, but does anything ever turn out the same? Well, in my case, it wasn’t working out that way, so I set out to find some things that could achieve my gold color scheme without a sloppy DIY project.


These notepads from TJ Maxx/Marshall’s inspired my gold color scheme from the beginning.


I got these Nate Berkus folders from Target to inspire my gold-prominent theme. ($7)


Since I failed to find the dainty dishes I wanted in all of the obvious places, I went to Target’s home section to raid the ceramic dishes section and grabbed a scalloped mug ($3.99) and two small dip dishes ($4.58 total). I filled them with only black pens to keep the color scheme on point and happened to have a gold Coach pen from an agenda I bought. I also picked up some gold paper clips ($3.49) to add a pop of color in that corner of the desk.


To add a personal touch, I picked up this frame at TJ Maxx ($6.99) but still can’t decide which photo to put in it!


Once I put everything together, this is how it will look – with a laptop somewhere in the middle of course!

April Showers Bring Lilacs!


Last weekend, I went on a sliiiight shopping spree (taking a break from listing things on eBay) and noticed that there’s a lot of lilac out there these days! I couldn’t be happier about it personally – I’m still not totally sure how I feel about the neon trend that has been going around. The “festival look” also doesn’t suit me, but lilac is perfectly feminine, as well as appropriate for spring and summer.

I actually walked away from my spree from the bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret Pink (#5 above) because it reminded me of Elle Woods and I already have the same color bottoms. I then took to the internet to gather some of the other items I saw while I was out to share the best lilac clothing and accessories I could find:

1 – Kate Spade Tudor City Lacey, $198 (comes in other styles) – see it here

2 – Francesca’s St. Augustine Dress, $44, love the back! get it here

3 – J Crew Lillian Suede Low Wedges, $178 – online and most likely at 900 N Michigan if you are a Chicago native.

4 – Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Studs, $48 – online – sign up for emails and keep an eye out for friends & family sales for 25% off! I have these in black.

5 – Victoria’s Secret Pink Triangle Halter Top, $26.50 – in Pink stores and online

6 – Free People Herringbone Crop Skinny Jeans, $49.99 – at southmoonunder

Spring Cleaning | Phase 1


I have started the process of spring cleaning – going through my clothes, handbags and jewelry to make room for my summer wardrobe! I usually wear the same jewelry every day with little to no variation, but then I realized that my staple pieces can be combined to create something great- hence the combos above.

Phase 2 of spring cleaning will be listing a bunch of things on eBay, so stay tuned for an update on that!

Oscars style on a civilian budget

Of course everyone is talking about Hollywood’s biggest night. I’ve watched about 8 hours of Oscars coverage between the red carpet, the actual show and E! News/Fashion Police tonight. I absolutely love looking at all of the beautiful gowns and jewelry, but I couldn’t help but think how it is completely unrealistic for anyone to actually own them. I mean, even the highest paid celebrities borrow them! So here are a few similar looks to some of the ones we saw on the red carpet last night.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.21.22 PMA la Jennifer Hudson – rent it for $75 on Rent the Runway

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.21.31 PMThis reminded me slightly of Nicole Kidman without the awkward embellishments on the bottom.

Rent it for $125 on Rent the Runway

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.21.40 PM

My personal favorite of the night was Jessica Chastain. She looked like a true movie star!

Rent this BCBG dress for only $50!

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.22.11 PM

Reese Witherspoon is my favorite celeb – so I had to pay her tribute even though I felt that the dress she chose was underwhelming for her. She still looked absolutely beautiful – her hair was perfect – and she looked like she truly wanted to be there. You can get the same slimming effect with the black down the side as Reese had, but this dress is more appropriate for a girl’s night out. $119 on Piperlime

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.21.50 PM

I was NOT crazy about Norah Jones’ look, but I love the cut of this dress and it would be perfect for a more formal Easter get together or a spring wedding. Get it for $164 on Weddington Way.

Gift Guide | Kids

The kids I have to shop for are tween girls and nearly 1 year old twins, so this list may be a bit biased. One of the coolest ideas on here (top right) is to get kids ready for bed as usual, but leave a ticket to the “polar express” on their pillow. Take them through the neighborhood to look at all of the lights and have popcorn ready and waiting in the car. So fun and easy!

kidsClockwise from top left:

  • Commemorate a newborn’s homecoming with their onesie, initial and birth announcement. Way better than letting them sit in a tote in the basement for years! Shadow boxes available at any craft store.
  • JCrew Girls (crewcuts) shirt $49.50 on
  • Girls infinity scarf
  • Customize a shoe organizer for the Barbie or Monster’s High doll lover in your family
  • Polar express night out with kids
  • Candy bars wrapped like the Grinch
  • Urban Outfitters iPad air hockey game (currently on backorder)
  • A Mighty Girl is a great website that gives you ideas for girls of all ages to promote positive, self-confident girls.
  • Monster High dolls and accessories –
  • Funny newborn onesies… enough said.
  • The cupcake calendar
  • Tech Earmuffs – plug into your mp3 player for warmth and entertainment. Amazon has a ton of colors and styles to choose from. Ralph Lauren has a more expensive pair for the women on your list!
  • Hello Kitty “KISS” slippers – so fun for halloween!
  • Printable Bingo cards

To view these ideas and more, click here